Hans Blom

The Brief

Hans blom is a pioneer in the business industry, supporting fellow entrepeneurs and startups in the south African regions to vastly develop abundance and expertise. I was commisioned to design and build a brand new platform that would align with his refreshed state of entrepeneurship and personal brand. The website I created is a simple to navigate, easy to understand and legible portfolio that represents the multiple companies Hans is working in.

Business development
International. Buluwayo, Zimbabwe.

Web design

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The approach

Normally when I design a website I want to stay away from using too much text and instead; explain the story with other elements like photography or video. But in this case, Hans himself is a very good writer and every piece of text on the website is compelling, interesting and educating. Along with his portfolio design and new logo, the challenge was to create multiple business webpages in his portfolio that were recognizable and stood out everytime. So we simply build five websites 1 one website with the use of a simple, designed template format to make the user experience as friendly as possible.


Reimagining the brand.

A new logo, a new color scheme and a new typeface set. This comes with a new visual representation of a brand.

Because Hans himself has created a personal brand in the last ( many ) years, it was a great plan to leverage this and bring value to every company he touches. We chose an elegant and clean approach for his personal brand. And recognizable colors for the multiple companies Hans is involved in.

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