Local, original scottish high-tea takeaway & delivery

The challenge

Platez Ceramics is a ceramic design company that delivers to the highest level of chef's with their main territory in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany but also deliver ceramics globally. Their old website has not been updated since 2018 and as they are scaling so rapidly it was time for a redesign. One of the main objectives was to tell the story of the creation process of their ceramics with a tight budget and redesigning their brand including logo, color scheme and creating handy templates for social media.

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Careful Rebranding

Platez Ceramics needed a consistent guideline to represent their brand online. Over the years they have grown a following, mainly on instagram and one of their business goals is to give more value to their followers and more consistency in their communication, visually to enhance brand recognition.

A Storytelling Experience

The main intention of the new website was to provide more value to the visitors and their clients by telling the story of the behind the scenes creation process. We explored multiple options, one of which was a 3D render that moulded the clay to the finalized product, but this was out of budget. We chose to go with simple images instead so we could still offer the visual experience next to the explanation.

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